2017 Cruise

Note: Entries are in reverse order (most recent first)
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8/5-6/17 – Killarney
8/4/17 – Covered Portage Cove to Killarney
8/3/17 – Heywood Island to Covered Portage Cove

8/1-2/17 – Heywood Island
Moved over to the west branch to get together with Last

7/31/17 – Bell Cove to Little Current to Haywood
Got a 10 a.m. start after Cruiser’s Net and had a great sail to Little Current. Boy the stack pack makes sailing with the mainsail so much easier!! Re-provisioned at Little Current and made the 4 p.m. bridge opening to go to Haywood. Anchored in the east branch and went for a nice kayak ride.

7/30/17 – Matheson Island to Bell Cove
Lazy morning. Left Matheson Island about 11 and set sail for Bell Cove. Anchored there and Jane went looking for Blueberries on the kayak. Bill on Persistence sailed in and we had him over for a beer.

7/29/17 – Hotham to Matheson Island
Got a 10 a.m. start and motored down the channel to McBean Harbor and out into McBean Channel. Sailed to Matheson Island and anchored there. 3 other boats were there, 2 brothers on trawlers and a sailboat. We were invited to “Rocktails” on shore, and went over with snacks. Nice group. Lots of discussions about Trump.

7/28/17 – South Hotham Island to Hotham Island
Left late morning and went around to the north side of the island to get together with Sue and Jack on Journey and George and Pat on Outlaw. Went to a cocktail gathering on the island with Norm and Elaine who used to sail, but bought the island! They entertain the boats anchoring there on a regular basis with the understanding that all garbage and leftovers leave with the crews. Nice couple and wonderful tradition!

7/27/17 – Sturgeon Cove to South Hotham
Left with Last Resort and Wanderer. Had another great sail to Hotham Island. Wanderer got there first and let us into a cove that was a little scary to get into, but really pretty! Had a swim and relaxed. Finished sewing and whipping the lazy jacks.

7/25-26/17 – Sturgeon Cove
Another day – Rain Day. Managed to get some blueberry picking done, but otherwise spent the day reading.

7/24/17 – Litte Current to Sturgeon Cove
Headed to Sturgeon Cove as there was bad weather coming. Met fellow from Water Willie who was with his son. Also Last Resort, Swallow, Serenity, Wanderer and Better Than Working were there.

7/23/17 – Little Current
Re-provisioned. Groceries, Beer, etc.

7/22/2017 -Snug Harbor to Little Current
Jeter’s not getting any better. We called a vet in Mindemoya (1/2 hour outside of Little Current by car) and made an appointment. Extra charge for opening in off hours, but we’re worried about the little guy. Motored and sailed into Little Current for the 3:00 bridge (it’s finally fixed!!). The vet (a lovely woman who used to live on a Chinese junk in B.C.) took a chest xray and said he had a respiratory inflammation. There’s a small chance it might be a fungal infection which would be serious, but she gave him antibiotics and anti inflammatory meds. We will check back with her on Monday.

7/21/2017 – “Trailer Trash Bay” to Snug Harbor
After coffee, we departed Trailer Trash Bay. We’ll be back whether or not the airplane family likes it. We were half a mile from their cottage! Had a rousing sail to Snug Harbor. Finally ran into Bruce and Gabriel Lattimer on Spitfire. They saved our butts back in 1983 when we were cruising on our Shark (the original Windfall). We were stuck in 12 Mile Bay in high winds and our motor wouldn’t start. Bruce towed us out into open water where I was able to get it going. We cruised up to Parry Sound with them and he gave us a ride back to Midland to pick up our car. Had a nice visit.
Jeter seems to have something wrong with his breathing. Need to keep an eye on it!

7/20/2017 – Seven Bells to “Trailer Trash Bay”
During one of our kayak journeys, Jane and I (and Jeter) discovered an anchorage nearby. Navionics has it listed as Reuben’s Cove. After anchoring, a young guy motored up with his son to tell us it wasn’t an anchorage. He was from the family at the bottom of the inlet that has an airplane hangar. “Didn’t spend millions to have a trailer park in my back yard!” Glenn on Last Resort swears he said “trailer trash”, so we decided it’s “Trailer Trash Cove”. We spent the afternoon calling each other trailer trash. Beautiful setting. Jane and Janice (Last Resort) went for a long kayak trip up a little inlet nearby

7/18-19/2017 – Seven Bells
Decided to stay put for a couple of days. We had some great kayak rides, as the channel we were in narrows down to the north and leads to other areas to explore. Jeter and Jay had fun on the island nearby, and we had a cocktail get-together on the island

7/17/2017 – Eaton Cove to Litle Current to Seven Bells
Motored back to our slip at Boyles in Little Current to shop and have breakfast with Glenn (Last Resort) and Stuart (Biscuit City). Took off to make the 12:00 bridge (still only every 4 hours…not repaired yet) and sailed to McGreggor Bay. Anchored in Seven Bells Cove, a little cove in a very narrow channel. Joined by Last Resort, Swallow, a Capella and Xanadu. Swallow ended up sort of in the channel and was “buzzed” by some kids on a Seadoo. He decided to go elsewhere.

7/16/2017 – McNeal Cove to Little Current to Eaton Cove
Departed after breakfast for Little Current to pick up the new propeller for my wind indicator. Had a nice sail all the way. Stopped in Little Current to pump out and refuel, then went out to Eaton Cove around the corner to see if we could see the Northern Lights that were predicted. Got up at 2:00 a.m., but no joy (other than a beautiful moonlit night!).

7/15/2017 -Beardrop to McNeal Cove
While making our morning coffee, there was  a huge bang. Rushed out to see a Canadian Yacht Charter (CYC) boat hard on a rock. He must have been going 6 knots when he hit a rock clearly marked on the charts. Jumped in the dingy to make sure they were OK. He put the boat in full reverse and after a couple of minutes came off. Motored away like  nothing happened…wonder if he reported it to CYC.
Departed Beardrop after coffee thinking we’d go to Oak. Got a VHF call from Glenn on Last Resort. He was headed to McNeal Cove. Having never been there (or anywhere in the Bay of Islands, we decided to go. Had a really nice sail, but a long one…over 30 miles. Arrived in McNeal Cove and anchored near Last Resort. We were the only ones there. Glenn picked up Jeter and took Jay (his Jack Russell) and Jeter to shore for a “Play date”. Beautiful setting and perfect for an east wind which was forecast.

7/14/2017 – Beardrop
Had a leisurely morning and went for a long kayak ride. Water was like glass, so it we went out of Beardrop and around the island that forms it. Then we went blueberry picking with Kate and Stuart. Got a ton! Gonna be a great harvest this year. Kate caught a nice pickerel and Stuart cleaned it on the rocks around the corner. Threw a line in on the way back and caught a nice bass! They once again asked us to share their bounty (we happily accepted!) We really owe them a dinner or two!!

7/13/2017 – John Harbor to Bearsbottom to Beardrop
Wind finally backed off. Motored over to Bearsbottom and anchored, but the wind was blowing right into the cove and it wasn’t comfortable. We motored over to Beardrop around the corner and anchored for the night. The eagle was flying around there as well.

7/12/2017 – John Harbor
Had a quiet day kayaking and blueberry picking. Kate from Biscuit City invited us over for a pork loin dinner (we really need to reciprocate!!). It was wonderful! Jeter has fallen in love with Stuart (He gives him kitty treats).

7/11//2017 – Thomas Island to John Harbor
Woke to a foggy morning.

Foggy morning at Thomas Island with Biscuit City

Foggy Morning at Thomas Island

Had a leisurely breakfast and sailed to John Harbor to hide from high winds out of the east that were forecast. Anchored in a protected spot and went for a kayak ride with Jane & Jeter. Saw an eagle with the whitest feathers!

7/10/17 – Oak Bay to Spanish Marina to Thomas Island
Left mid-morning to go into Spanish for groceries and ICE CREAM!! Biscuit City joined us there as they needed to get a part for their boat. Shopped and had the biggest ice cream cone I ever had! It fell off the cone into gravel 🙁 – they made a new one for me).
Left Spanish and motored to Thomas Island nearby and anchored for the night.

7/9/2017 – Perch Bay/Oak Bay
Another day here! My solar panels stopped charging and Stuart and I had over $1000 spent in researching what I needed. Glenn from Last Resort called (VHF) and told me that Mistress was nearby (Tom from Mistress sells solar systems). He came and had an identical replacement for what I had for $100 Canadian! Back in business.

7/8/2017 – Perch Bay/Oak Bay
Finally relaxing and have stayed in this beautiful spot for a third night! Found blueberries on the nearest island and picked them.

Jeter and Jane at Oak Bay

The OPP boat came into the anchorage and circled our boat. Yelled to them we were not aboard, and they asked if we had our numbers displayed (for customs). Told them which port to look in, and they thanked us and left.

OPP visit Windfall at Oak

7/7/2017 – Perch Bay/Oak Bay
Kayaked to Milo Bay about a mile from where we’re anchored to get a signal to call Jane’s Mom. Found a bunch of blueberries, so we had to pick ’em! Visited with Lawrence and Joan on Better than Working.

7/6/2017 – Perch Bay/Oak Bay
Quiet day. Re-did the yoke for the Stack Pack. Went for a kayak trip up Perch Bay with Jane and Kate from Biscuit City. Had a wonderful fish dinner with Stuart and Kate n their boat. They caught a large bass and a pickerel.

7/5/17 – Little Current to Oak Bay
Left the dock around 10. Had a great sail (7 -9 knots) to Oak Bay. Arrived at the same time as Biscuit City. Anchored in the entrance to Perch Bay

7/4/17 – West Branch of E/W Branch in McGreggor to Little Current
Had a nice kayak ride down a narrow channel and roamed around some islantds. Saw Blue Heron. Left McGreggor at 1:00 to make the 6:00 p.m. bridge in Little Current. The bridge is being repaired and only opens 3 times a day now! Had to go as slow as possible to avoid a long wait.

7/3/17 – Usual Reason Cove to West side of East/West Branch
Beautiful day. Jane went for a kayak ride with the ladies from Biscuit City, Swallow and Last Resort. Helped Glenn on Last Resort to the top of his mast to install new antenna and put a new battery in his wind indicator. We all went for a hike up the mountain nearest us. Great View! We thought it a tough climb, but then a family with 2 toddlers made it up! After, Jane and I motored up to the West branch of the East/West Channel and anchored in mirrored water!

7/2/17 – Covered Portage to McGreggor (Usual Reason Cove)
Left Covered Portage around noon. Had to motor out of Landsdowne Channel (wind on the nose). Sailed across Fraser Bay and had a great sail east down McGregor. Anchored un Usual Reason Cove with Last Resort and Biscuit City.  Had cocktails on shore.

7/1/17 – Marianne Cove to Kilarney to Covered Portage
Noticed the wind direction stopped working. Looked up and the propeller was gone from our new GWnind! Left Marianne about 11:00. 2 boats that had been there left ahead of us. As we left, I noticed one of the boats was on the wrong side of a channel mark and not moving. Motored up to them and they had hit a shoal at speed. Checked to see if they were OK and if their boat was taking on water. They said all was well. Found out later there was probable structural damage! Tried to sail across Fraser Bay, but wind died. Motored into Killarney and provisioned. Saw Glenn from Last Resort there. Then we went over to Covered Portage Cove for the night.

6/30/17 – Marianne Cove
Lazy morning, then Jane Jeter and I climbed up Casson Peak. As always the view was spectacular! Met some college students up there. Had an early evening to bed!

6/29/17 – Little Current to Marianne Cove
Left Little Current around 10:40 to catch the 11:00 bridge east. Sailed over to Fraser Bay and started into McGreggor bay, but there was a line of thunderstorms in McGreggor. We turned back and sailed to Baie Fine. Anchored in Marianne Cove with one other boat. Watched thunderstorms march by to the north in McGreggor.

6/28/17 – Back to Little Current
Drove back to Little Current and got the boat set up (installed the new stack pack and general cleaning etc.

6/24/17 – to 6/26 To Boat alone  🙁
Went up to Little Current without Jane to get the boat in the water. I had a list of things to get done: paint bottom, wire for wind indicator, install Sirius antenna, rewire the mast lighting, etc. Got the bottom painted, then Glenn on Last Resort came. He had his own list for my boat, including installing an antenna for the VHF on the masthead. We got it all done and got the boat in the water. Installed pump for whale water, but didn’t get the plumbing done. Returned home to get Jane.




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